Career Pathway #193: Hold a Larger Perspective

Often when I am feeling the stress of a situation, I can reduce the anxiety and find some peace when I enlarge my perspective. If I maintain my current thoughts, I stay in the rut. If I look at the bigger picture, I begin to unravel the tension and let go of the current struggle. The nature of what is irritating each of us is generally built on some smaller piece of our day, month, or year. Rarely is it something that will have major impact down the road or with a significant number of people in our lives.

So, if we can manage our frustrations and stress by expanding our view, why don’t we use that tactic as a matter of course? Some people do that naturally to defuse difficulties, approaching life from a higher perspective. But many people tend to hang on to their difficulties, turning them over and over again in their mind. In such cases, it’s as though we are not willing to let go of them until we have carted them for awhile and felt the “pain.”

If holding on to difficulties sounds familiar, then shifting to a broader acceptance of the bumps in the road and infuriating circumstances could be of great benefit. When you realize that you are ruminating over a difficulty, let go of the immediacy of the issue. Ask yourself how important this will be in one week, one month, or one year. Ask yourself how much energy and time you are really willing to give this. Consider what other aspects of your work or personal life deserve attention and time, and are of greater worth than the current irritation.

And, then, there’s always the tried and true wisdom of “sleep on it.” When you give yourself a little space and some relaxation, a natural byproduct is a changed perspective.

Coaching Inquiries: How willing are you to let go of small irritants? Do you give them time and energy, or do you move on? If you are having difficulty letting go of something, are you at least willing to let go of some part of it? What larger perspective can you embrace?

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