Career Pathway #192: Give Yourself a Break

This has been one crazy week. Good in some respects, challenging in many respects, and frustrating, to say the least. So, what to do about it?

Well, fortunately, I have the day off to slow it all down, find some releases, and regroup. One of my best methods of grounding myself is to sit quietly and rest my mind, letting go of the “busyness” and racing/repeating thoughts. That was difficult for me today, so I focused on my breathing and my faith in what is possible in my life. I am feeling much better.

Meditation is so available to us, and yet many of us don’t take a few minutes on a regular basis to indulge ourselves. In fact, there are a lot of fast and accessible methods to relieve our mental tapes, frustration, and stress • or to just take a break. One of my coworkers reads books for a fifteen minutes several times a day. I am sure that is good way to escape the paperwork, phone calls, and stress of a busy office. Other coworkers go walking once a day; just long enough to get the heart pumping and breathe in some fresh air. Some eat lunch in a common area where they can engage in conversation, rather than read email and listen to voicemail in between bites. Many wear headsets where they can listen to music during the day.

Whatever activity you choose, do it regularly. If you run up against a particularly stressful day or week, engage in more breaks and more energizing activity. Find ways to buoy yourself, and engage in productive thought. The old “woe is me” mindset never seems to get much sympathy, nor does it provide a positive means of climbing out of the rut or difficult situation.

Coaching Inquiries: What activities do you use to relieve stress or anxiety? How do you relax after a day of full activity? Have you tried meditating on a regular basis? What are some new methods to jazz up your day that you think you’d enjoy?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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