Career Pathway #191: Finding What Is Right

One of my top values is finding my “right path” in life and coaching others to find theirs. For me, being on the right path and knowing it is right is a form of utopia. Serving my higher purpose through my talents and love for others is my highest form of existence.

Perhaps you share this desire for finding the right path for you. If so, how are you doing with that search? Are you engaged in your professional and personal life? Are you using your talents and gifts in ways that feel productive and fulfilling? Do you enjoy your daily life, your relationships, your challenges, and your activities? Is there meaning for you in this present state?

There are many who are living a life that is well-suited to them, and there are many who are not. There are many who would agree that there is room for greater growth, focus, and satisfaction. If you are one who is aware there is something more “right” for you in life, then take stock today. Give yourself the time to think about this. Give yourself some freedom to grow. Give yourself the room to admit this and allow for experimentation and change. Only you can make this shift.

Look to your values for clues to your right path. Pay attention to how you want to make a difference, and to what impression you would like to make while on earth. We are each capable of many, many powerful deeds. What will yours be?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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