Career Pathway #189: Your Larger Possibility

I have always been intrigued with the concept of possibility. It is both mind-expanding and powerful. It speaks to the individual potentiality of each of us, based on our own unique talents, perspective, and willingness. And, it is most surely affected by the people and experience touching our lives.

If we want to create a “bigger” life for ourselves, then we must create shifts toward that life. We must embrace the concept of possibility for ourselves • the possibility of change, movement, new ways of thinking, new ways of expressing ourselves, new schedules, and new activities. Big change will not likely come from the same life you are leading today.

Look first to what you believe is possible. Fostering faith in your vision is not only the first step, it will have direct correlation to the changes you make. Trusting in yourself and the possibility of your dream is the key to unlocking the doors of potentiality.

As your faith and vision grow, progress will follow. As you believe things are possible, they become so. Without the vision, direction is vague and “progress” is hard to discern. But, as you begin to flush out the life you desire, a pathway emerges from the fog, even if it is step by step and not completely visible at the present.

Have some fun with your “larger possibility” and let your mind be open. Brainstorm varied and wildly large visions for yourself. See what comes up • there may be surprises. If you haven’t thought about your desires in awhile, you may find that your thinking has shifted. Allow yourself the freedom of choice and painting on a blank canvas. There are no wrongs or finalities, only possibility.

Coaching Inquiries: So if you were to actively seek your largest possibility, what future visions would you pursue? Do you truly trust that these visions are possible? How can you stretch and foster your belief? What relationships can you build to support the care and feeding of your vision? What personal development is integral to your success? How will you begin?

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