Career Pathway #188: Listening for Messages

Are you aware of the messages coming your way? Of course some are so blunt, that it is nearly impossible to miss them, and yet, we go about our routines without truly processing them. Other messages are more subtle and require a cognizant approach in order to hear them.

I believe the Universe sends each of us regular messages, to assist us on our journeys, by nudging us in one direction or another. The more we open ourselves to this guidance and support, the more likely it is to come, and the more likely we are to hear it and to see the value of it.

The messages may not be as clear as “pick what is behind door #3,” which can be very frustrating when we are looking for a specific answer. Nonetheless, they can give us clues or breadcrumbs to lead us along a path, when in time we will realize our answer.

If I don’t hear or heed the message the first time, it usually is sent again. Sometimes it is the third or fourth time that I pick up on it, because I begin to see the pattern and then realize it to be a distinct message. 

I have been getting messages regarding “higher ground” in the last two years. I am very aware of the message, but have not yet figured out the exact significance of it for me. I have done some exploring, yet the clarity is not there. But I know that if I sit with it awhile longer and continue to keep it in mind, more clues and direction will be revealed. And, at that time it will begin to come together.

Patience is an important part of the process, and many of our cultures do not support that quality very well, so it can become difficult to practice. Yet, if we stick with it, learning to open ourselves to the Universe’s messages can take us to places where we would never have traveled on our own.

Coaching Inquiries: Are you aware of messages being sent your way? If so, what are they? Are you open to the guidance? Do you need greater clarity to understand them? How might you further explore their meaning?

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