Career Pathway #187: Easy Is Good

There seems to be a great deal of collective thinking focused on the acceptance that life is meant to be hard and we cannot expect gain without pain. In the last few years, however, I have come across a growing population that is focused on moving forward in life with comfort and ease. This latter thinking is much more attractive to me and to my coaching clients, and I am finding that when I go with the flow and the path of least resistance, I tend to move much more quickly and in paths of greater fulfillment.

Speakers, writers, teachers, and coaches are embracing the ideals of looking for your flow in life, playing to your strengths, and really paying attention to your beliefs. One of my coaching friends and mentors has been teaching me to look at what I “take to be real.” The Universe will deliver to me what I take to be real, so it is extremely important for me to make very conscious choices of what I choose to believe. 

When I have expectations that events will unfold with comfort and ease, then that is generally what I find. When I engage my strengths rather than working on “lesser” traits, I have fun and I find greater fulfillment and success. When my clients embrace new versions of life and possibilities, they shift themselves forward. You first have to see it and believe it, before you can step into this ease and comfort. And when you make these shifts, the Universe will shift with you, delivering your path and making it easy and comfortable.

Let me warn you that skepticism and disbelief will hold you back. This shift requires conscious choice and a willingness to change your belief, your paradigm, and whatever thinking patterns disallow your movement to your preferred belief.

The mind is a powerful and complicated gift, and even in this century its potential remains part mystery. But, we do know that it is capable of shifting belief and perspective. And those shifts can be much easier than what you might originally think they will be.

Coaching Inquiries: Can you embrace the idea that changing a belief can make it real in your life? If so, what would you really like to believe? And if that belief were true, how might that change your life?

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