Career Pathway #185: Live and Let Live

No matter your position and role in life, applying the adage of “Live and Let Live” can significantly improve your quality and satisfaction in life. When we are most authentically ourselves, we touch the possibilities of our greatest fulfillment. When we embrace that authenticity in others, we embrace humanity and the many diverse gifts, styles, and personalities it owns.

Sometimes it may be easier to try to fit in the corporate or organizational groove or mold. But we all know that that groove comes with some individuality stifling and hard pills to swallow. It is true that many have left these work environments for greater freedom and a greater sense of peace. Their lives may be more hectic due to the demands of entrepreneurship or business ownership, but they may feel a greater peace about who they are, and how they choose to act.

Futurists were interviewed for the August issue of HR Executive, published by the Society for Human Resource Management. One of the themes evident in these interviews is the current and future need for management to be more empathetic toward employees and their individuality. One view, taken by futurists such as Daniel Pink in his book A Whole New Mind, is that left brain qualities will no longer dominate and be the most valued skills and talent; instead, right brain qualities will emerge as the most sought after. Computer functioning will take over more and more of the analysis and process, and the focus will be on leading and understanding the human resource.

Another theme evident, as Megan Tschannen-Moran has identified in her research on schools, is the importance of “trust” in organization functioning. Employees and customers are happier when they trust their management or service provider to keep the greater good in mind, versus reacting to quarterly financials with no loyalty to service and relationship..

Keep in mind how you contribute to living authentically, as well as embracing the ideas and input of others. You are a very key factor in designing your own freedom, and creating an environment of support for the freedom of others.

Coaching Inquiries: Are there parts of you that feel caged? Do you long for greater freedom in your personal and/or professional life? What are the risks associated with expressing more of your ideas, or implementing ways to work in greater alignment with your values and preferred methods? Is there a step you can take today to live more authentically and freely?

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