Career Pathway #184: Live into Possibility

I love the word “possibility.” It conjures up thoughts of freedom, expansion, adventure, and hope. These all being strong values of mine as I navigate my life’s trek. When I think “possibility” I begin breathing more deeply, feeling more alive, and embracing a bigger sense of who I am and the work I will do. I begin to feel more excited, knowing there’s more.

Of course, I am not always in that space of possibility. In fact, I have been known to venture into what I will call “ruts,” where I am not seeing or feeling a lot of possibility. But this is just a mindset, and soon it passes and I get back to focusing on creating what is next for me. Which is of course, a much more enjoyable and inspiring mental state to experience.

Allowing space into your life is a good way to foster possibility and growth. You create a choice of how to fill that time. And it does really become your choice, your decision. Will it be painting a room, clearing away clutter, spending more time with family or friends, getting out to a play or concert, taking a dance class, writing the first chapter of your book, or simply taking time to think about what direction you want to travel at this point in your life? It can be big or small. Either way you are dabbling in new possibilities.

Taking time to check in with yourself is always time well spent. It gives you an opportunity to consider whether you’re happy and fulfilled, healthy, at peace, aching for something that is missing, or any number of other qualities. Then once you’ve identified what you are feeling, you can determine some possible ways to address your needs and desires. Possibilities are fun and exhilarating. Make some space for yours and see what is there.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you think about the possibilities in your work and personal life? Are you allowing time to explore them and to determine if you want to pursue any? Who and what supports your movement toward these new possibilities? How can you more fully and frequently live into that space?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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