Career Pathway #183: Give Yourself a Break

What a great vacation I just spent with my husband in Washington state and Vancouver, Canada. Wow. It was such a precious gift, full of connection, relaxation, surprise, fun, exploration, and beauty. It also provided a break from my “regular” life in Columbus, and a chance to dream and look beyond. Getting out and away from the regular routine and surroundings can really give a boost to life.

Besides the benefit of the time away from work and the relaxation, this break allowed me to expand my experience and knowledge. It opened up some new perspectives, and introduced me to new friends. It gave me an opportunity to commune with nature and to enrich my relationship with my partner. It also got my mind thinking about new things, and my heart feeling some new desires. I returned to Ohio with an even greater sense of my values and some new dreams on which to focus.

If your present circumstances do not allow for a long vacation in a distant park or city, there are many ways to benefit from shorter and less “exotic” destinations. Actually, any length of time away from our normal routine can be of help. A weekend of camping can take you away to new experience, nature, and a feeling relaxation. But, leave the cell phone, laptop, and palm pilot behind. Notes can be taken on a tablet, and conversations can be continued when you arrive back home. 

Retreats can also be a nice get-away. Someone does the planning for you, and generally activities, meals, and accommodations are a part of the package. You can even pick a theme, if something in particular appeals to you–spa, hiking and outdoor experience, or spiritual focus.

Life is meant to be joyful. Build more joy into yours. Your body, mind, and spirit will thrive.

Coaching Inquiries: When is the last time you took a vacation or a break of some sort, where you really felt “away”? Is there a park, city, or country you want to explore? What can you do to start planning for some time away to just relax and explore? If you could go on any adventure, what would it be? What is holding you back?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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