Career Pathway #182: Keep It Light

When one decides that a change in life is necessary, it often can’t come fast enough. By the time the decision has been reached, there is usually disharmony, dissatisfaction, stress, and other acrimony in one’s life. In fact, it is often those factors that drive us to realize change is inevitable if we are to be happy and fulfilled.

The trick here is to stay at peace with oneself, keeping our mind and heart from feeling disheartened and over burdened. Although it is easy to feel the “down” of the situation, it is also very possible to feel the “up” • knowing change is coming and that our life will be changing in new and energizing ways.

In this spirit of feeling ‘up’, we can each find effective ways to keep our energy and mood light. There is great power in feeling light. When we are focused on light we take care of our bodies, we find life-giving focus, we attract people, and we leave our baggage behind. No one can move with freedom and grace when they are carting burden-filled suitcases on their back.

It takes waking up to an inspired vision and committing oneself to act in ways that are respectful of our values and intentions. We cannot accomplish this while clutching sorry old suitcases and mourning current situations that are not meeting our desires. So let go. I mean really allow yourself to let go of whatever isn’t fitting with your new vision. If the thought, belief, action, or behavior isn’t in alignment with your desired direction, Let It Go

This all came to roost in a coaching conversation this week. The client was contemplating how heavy and difficult figuring out one’s purpose in life can be. Over the course of our conversation, she decided to stop trying to figure that out and to focus instead on what “practices” she wants to build and/or expand upon in her daily living. This felt much lighter and more meaningful to her.

I encourage you to take inspiration from her revelation and her willingness to create lightness in her life. Leave your bags behind.

Coaching Inquiries: What can you pack into a suitcase and leave behind? Are you getting something out of lugging extra weight around? Can you think of new ways to lighten up your life? 

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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