Career Pathway #181: Be Gracious & Grateful

Have you noticed the dramatic difference that your state of mind can have on you? It really can be like night and day, like black and white, like being in a rut or feeling rejuvenated.

Consider the contrast of focusing on the goodness in people, rather than the judgment. Consider the feeling that gratefulness has on your mind, body, and spirit, versus the feeling of being ignored or underappreciated. We can choose to experience multitudes of varied emotional states in our daily lives. It is really a matter of what we decide to give time to and what we consciously think about.

I have noticed that when I am in a good space I attract more positive than negative. When I am grateful for whatever has come my way, I think about the world differently, and I certainly see more possibility. It is almost like inviting yourself to rise above whatever may feel negative or oppressive, and to embrace a more joyful existence.

The question of the glass being half empty or half full may seem overused, but it really is a very simple and accurate illustration. If you truly believe you live a prosperous and abundant life, you do. And, if you believe you live something less than that, you do. It’s all in the beliefs, because that is your reality. But, the belief comes from a very deep place in your heart. So, it may take some deep focus, to see what is there, and to build a greater sense of what is good, and what is going well.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you like the feeling of being grateful? When you let go of judgment, can you feel a sense of relief? Do you take time to rest and smell the roses? To see what simple and regular gifts are being shown to you? What do you want to believe about yourself and about life?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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