Career Pathway #180: A Matter of Discipline

There is a particular factor that is present in all the coaching and consulting work I do. It is the presence of “discipline.” No matter what the issue, desire, or need of the client, the results are always impacted by the willingness of that person to take on new thinking, new action, and/or new being. Without that shift, we stay in the same mode we are currently experiencing and living.

During a discussion with a potential client this week, he told me that I wasn’t the first coach to approach his desired change in the way I was posing questions and exploring options. He then stated that he wanted a coach who was going to strongly bring about his change. I can appreciate his desire for a process guaranteed to force change in the desired direction, but in coaching, the key success factors are the readiness and willingness of the client to move themselves into new thinking and practice. It really comes down to uncovering the true desire that carries great joy and energy for that individual, and then following intuition and guidance in beginning that path. The success is contingent on the client’s initiative to make the shift, not the coach’s skill in “selling” the transition, and overseeing it in a strict manner.

If an individual is finding that they have good intentions but that they are not following through on finding time for thinking, planning, and action, then it is an issue of commitment. Our lives are full and busy. Finding time and energy for new things can be challenging, but not impossible. It takes a great deal of desire sometimes to follow through. It is much easier to stay in our current groove. So if we are to move ourselves into new thinking and doing, we must be willing to make the time and space for it. We must be willing to try something new, perhaps take a risk, certainly to get out of the familiar and do some experimenting.

New ways of being are often exciting and rewarding, and a winning path can actually be simple and attainable if we take it a step at a time and build support around it as we travel.

Coaching Inquiries: If you are not moving forward with your desires, what’s keeping you from committing the time and energy to get yourself going? What could you “pare” out of your life in order to accommodate this new direction and the first steps you want to take? What step can you take this week to engage yourself?

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