Career Pathway #178: Lighten Up

I have been absorbing Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work on “intentioning.” While traveling to and from work, I play his book (on CD), “The Power of Intention.” The material is some of the most powerful that I have ever come across. There are a hundred or more ideas which he expresses, that each in itself can change a life. And when you put them all together it becomes a body of work to which I could dedicate the rest of my life. Yes, it is truly that great.

Here, I want to focus on just a small piece of one of his lessons. That is the advice, “don’t take yourself so seriously.”

Like you, I have heard this advice many times, stated in many ways. And, every time I hear it, I can feel myself letting go, relaxing. When I think about keeping things in perspective and not blowing them out of proportion, my whole body and mind calm down. 

The world is serious enough without my thoughts exaggerating my present or past situation. I find myself weighing things out with the statement, “in the greater scheme of things, this really doesn’t matter.” And, more often than not, it doesn’t.

If you think about the people and leaders you tend to gravitate towards in your work day, I’d be surprised to find that any of them were Chicken Littles • “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” But rather, they are more likely those calm individuals who steer their boats to calmer waters without all the drama, angst, and seriousness. Not that there aren’t serious issues, but stressing out unnecessarily and impacting those around you does not inspire others to their best performance.

It’s a very simple lesson, but taken to heart can change your health and your life.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you overreact? Are there certain people or situations that get you going? Are you strong enough mentally to better control that reaction? Are you willing to choose to make that shift?

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