Career Pathway #177: Kindness Opens Minds & Doors

Have you noticed how kindness improves everything? Whether you are on the receiving or giving end of it, kindness always seems to enrich the moment, the experience, and the relationship. I’ve never seen it “go wrong.” Not when it is done with unselfish intent, when it is pure kindness.

This quality is unbelievably easy to own and express. It can be offered in an indefinite number of ways. It takes no skill, experience, or development. If we just open ourselves to offering it to others, we can easily find our own ways of showing kindness to others. 

Take a moment to remember how someone touched your life in the last week with their effort to show you kindness. How did you feel as it was offered? How did it affect your emotions and thoughts? What did it contribute to your day? Did it encourage you to find a way to show kindness back, or to offer it to someone else?

Kindness is so simple, yet so powerful. I have found that when I offer kindness it changes my emotion and well-being, too. I am then a recipient of benefits from my own kindness. So it becomes an instrument to affect others’ existence, as well as my own. 

One sure-fire way of coming to your own aid, is coming to the aid of others. When you raise others, you raise yourself. You become more positive, more energized, more connected with the people around you and the entire universe. This raised energy tends to find new opportunities for stronger relationships, higher desires, and more possibilities. It can be the shot in the arm that gets you going. 

As I recall the kindnesses made to me this week, it is clear that they made my learning environment more palatable and supportive, that they gave my dreams new hope, that they added joy to my days, and that they deepened the bonds in my relationships. I am grateful for the life-giving energy created in those moments, and I am struck at the simplicity of it all.

Coaching Inquiries: How has kindness impacted your life? How would like your kindness to impact the lives of others? In what ways can you expand the role of kindness in your established relationships as well as with new acquaintances?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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