Career Pathway #175: Choose to Change

In each life, there is great flexibility to decide when to make changes: when to engage in a new development phase, when to make a professional and/or geographic move, when to embrace greater balance in life, or a multitude of other choices. You get to decide what is next for you. How great is that?!

Now, granted, there are times when things occur that we didn’t see coming. But for the most part, we can steer in new directions if we so desire and choose to take steps forward. So the big question is, “what focus are you now choosing for your life?” Which begs the second question, “how are you moving that choice forward?” (I mean really seriously moving it forward.)

Most of us have a sense about what we’d like to see happen in our lives. And, we can generally talk a good “game” around this desire. But, are we carving out time and energy to do it? Are we aligning the support, resources, and systems to play it out? Are we truly committed and actively moving down the path? Without the energy and commitment to actually take the steps, do the research, make the calls, schedule the meetings, read the book, develop the presentation or new skill, or take the class it all remains but a desire.

So gather your resources, unleash your enthusiasm, and get going! There are simple things you can do each day to realize your desire over time. It’s amazing how far we can get if we commit to the focus and start walking the path. And as you move yourself toward your desire, you will feel your energy and passion creating momentum and making all possible.

Coaching Invitation: If you have been wondering about the difference that a coaching relationship can make in your life, now is the time to schedule a complimentary session with a LifeTrek coach. Getting off your duff and putting some strategies in place are some of the many ways to benefit from coaching discussions. Reporting in to someone on a regular basis is but one system of building more immediate focus on your desire and progress.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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