Career Pathway #173: License To Purge

After reading a compelling article, “Too Much Information!” in the magazine, Organic Style, this week, I gave myself permission to purge. Not only permission, I gave myself the freedom and intention to purge.

The article, written by Rachele Kanigel in the November 2004 edition, speaks to the ill effects of the overwhelming deluge of information we receive on a daily basis and the stress it bears on the mental and physical body. She addresses the impact created by the accumulation of messages from the Web, TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, cell phones, e-mail, pagers, and PDAs. Did you know “that the amount of information on the Internet doubles every three months?” 

Besides the stress of either trying to digest it all, or the guilt of not processing it all, the busyness of just receiving it all can slow us from achieving our potential. I’ve heard a multitude of professionals talk about the time lost in their work days of just having to delete all their email messages, even if they choose not to respond. How is that driving production, efficiency, planning, and strategic functioning? It’s not.

It is up to each of us, to find ways to cope with the deluge and to maintain some sense of focusing on the meaningful and important. I think it begins with a determination and discipline to carve out time for that which is necessary to accomplish our personal goals, as well as those goals defined by the organization’s leadership.

Until we decide to make changes, we will continually bear the weight of trying to take in more and more and more. After all, the trend in the workplace these days is to accomplish more with less.

If we have any hope to maintain some balance in our lives, and to attain the higher strategies at work, we will need to let go of lower-priority messages and resources. If we are not getting to the larger objectives of our department or organization, then it is appropriate to review our schedules and daily functioning to determine how to turn that around. Then, and only then, will we shift from overwhelm to balance. 

Coaching Inquiries: What activities can you cut in your professional and personal life in order to focus on the more strategic objectives? Are you willing to discuss your information overload with management in order to streamline your load, to have greater impact on the organization? Do you have stressful messages running around your brain, worrying about all the information you are not getting read? If so, are you ready to replace them with intentions to streamline what you can, and be at peace with the rest?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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