Career Pathway #169: What is Knocking?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re ready to stretch in your life, things come knocking at your door? Of course sometimes the knock is faint, and the din of our busy lives and our mental chatter make it very hard to hear. But, even so, it is there knocking and signaling that it is time to learn, to reinvent, to create.

The knocking will generally continue until we pay notice, maybe not in the same way, but in ways that we may eventually hear. This is often referred to as synchronicity, where several people mention the same book or speaker, or a particular topic or idea comes up time and time again. If one gets quiet, and actually gives the idea or resource some airtime in both brain and heart, it has a much better chance of meaningful consideration. And, paying attention to one’s heart and energy around the possibility is the truest test of determining how meaningful it may be in one’s life.

Sometimes the knocking is difficult to process because of limiting beliefs that are entrenched and unnoticed. It is only when we expose these beliefs that we are able to address them. We must decide whether they serve us or not, and whether we are willing to substitute new beliefs that support us on a wider plane, in a bigger way. 

When you are able to name the belief that is holding you down, examine it so you can decide if you want to continue to believe it. It may seem to be a reality in life, but 100 times in a 100 it is not. There is always someone who proves it wrong, who provides a counter example. So, if you want to be a counter example to that self-limiting belief, it is your work to let it go, to release its hold on you. 

Decide what you want, and what you want to believe. For example, someone might want to be successful in a career that they have little experience in, so a belief that they may want to embrace is “I can be successful in this new career by drawing on my past experience and learning as I move forward.” A belief they may need to release is “only those with many years of experience in that field can be successful in it.” 

I encourage you to listen for the knocking. It is there, waiting for you to embrace it and grow.

Coaching Inquiries: Are you interested in hearing the knock of new opportunity at your door, or are you preoccupied with busyness and reasons why there is no room in your life for something bigger? What can you do to be more present to the knocking? Do you allow yourself to listen to your heart? Are you willing to commit to being more self-aware and willing to explore what is waiting at your door?

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