Career Pathway #168: Stretching

Doesn’t it feel great to stretch? Your body feels awakened. You notice yourself breathing more deeply. You want to move in one direction, and then another. It’s easy and energizing to go a little deeper, and a little deeper. Wow • how different we can feel after a little activity.

As it is with the body, so too it is with the mind. When we open our mind to stretching, we can experience the awakening, the energy, and the depth. And, it too is easy. We just need to remind ourselves to do it every so often.

There are many ways to stretch. You can ponder new ways of being or doing. You can learn new skills or knowledge. You can puzzle new problems, or find new solutions to old ones. You can try new creative endeavors such as painting, writing, or instrument playing. You can read about a time in history that is unfamiliar to you, or about another side of the world. The possibilities are endless and they all carry great gifts.

There is nothing like jazzing up a hum-drum routine or a less than stimulating job by finding new challenges, new directions, new methods, or new work teams. All of these changes will cause your mind to stretch and your oxygen to flow. All it takes is for you to open yourself up to something new. 

Just follow your curiosity and your interests. They will surely lead you to a mind stretching experience, an opportunity to expand and raise awareness, and potentially a new direction to explore.

Coaching Inquiries: What new areas do you want to learn about and experience? When is the last time that you stretched your mind? What were the benefits? Is there a culture you want to study, a language you want to learn, or a sport you want to try? Engage in life. Stretch!

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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