Career Pathway #166: How Fascinating!

Bob wrote in last week’s Provision about the concept of experiencing the present moment without judgment or preconceived ideas, by looking through the lens of “fascination.” I also have a coaching friend who found, in practicing “fascination” with the interactions and situations in her life, that it kept her focused on the present moment and more able to create success.

When we make judgments, it does not only sour the current experience, but also drags us back to negative experiences in our past. When this occurs, our emotions are engaged, and we can feel some of the disappointment, fear, or upset from those triggered memories. Our ability to think and act from a “clear” mind is nearly impossible at that point.

Although difficult, we can teach ourselves this present moment focus and be fascinated by the multitudes of experiences and opportunities which come our way. By maintaining a neutral space for ourselves, we create the possibility to see some value in the interaction or situation that we might not otherwise see. Through this process, we raise our chance for success by assuming there is something new to learn.

By changing our expectations, our mind will be looking for the opportunity for connection and for growth. This generates energy and enthusiasm, rather than apprehension and defensiveness. We are then operating from a place of confidence and possibility, and influencing the outcome in powerful ways.

Coaching Inquiries: Do certain people in your work environment rub you the wrong way? Does your body tense or your mood change when you see them or think of them? Are there committee meetings or special projects that drive you crazy? Do parts of your job cloud the otherwise satisfied feelings you have?

Wherever you answered “yes” to these questions lies an opportunity for trying out the “fascination” approach. What do you have to lose? Give it a try. You just might find some new way to create desired change or a shift in the process or relationship.

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