Career Pathway #164: Adding To Your Life

What will you add to your life this year? This month? This day? If you could add only one thing to your existence right now, what would it be?

Sometimes questions are a good way to connect with our innermost thoughts, those thoughts which otherwise are likely to stay unnoticed or at least unprocessed. Our subconscious is aware of a great deal more than our conscious, and by poking around to see what is there, we allow our full-being a much greater chance to emerge from the depths. (Bob expressed this line of thought in his poem, “Depth,” in last week’s Provision.) 

I, too, encourage you to swim around in the deep waters, to experience the knowing that resides there. By spending the time and connecting with this part of yourself, you can begin to see a fuller picture, perhaps a different direction, or at least a clearer path. One of the true joys in taking this deep swim is connecting with the power of your soul, the knowing of who you are in your depths. 

In the next day and week as you notice the levels of noise rising in your life, take some time to escape to the waters. Relax in a dive or two, and see what comes up for you. Consider what you want to add or subtract from your life. Let yourself learn from your deepest self.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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