Career Pathway #163: Simplify and Clarify

Whether you are heading a project, trying to meet a budget, determining a new career transition, or establishing a more meaningful life for yourself, the processes of simplifying and clarifying are powerful allies.

To reach the above goals, and many others, there comes the need to cut to the core of the action or thinking. When we can establish the key desired outcomes and cut to the heart of the matter, the path becomes clearer and success more likely. 

Many corporations and organizations conduct “strategic planning” on a regular basis. This process, done effectively, assists leaders in examining the mission and vision, and setting forth new direction and resource utilization. Such thinking processes keep the vision vibrant and growing in purposeful ways to benefit the organization, its employees, and the public it serves.

And so it goes with personal examination of mission, vision, direction, and resource expenditure. We cannot expect to stay on a meaningful and progressive path without our own personal strategic planning. It is in that vein that I encourage you to pause for your own self-reflection and rumination.

Take a long hard look at your personal mission, and your vision of expressing that message, talent, skill, or purpose. Think about the “extras” in your life that are not adding quality or satisfaction. Think about the important parts of you that are not being expressed and developed. Then it is up to you to simplify and clarify a more meaningful and strategic focus for yourself, and to move yourself forward in the new year.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you set time aside for yourself to examine your life desires and the heart of who you are? Are you willing to make some hard-core decisions about shaping your life in ways that allow for greater self-expression and meaning? In what ways can you begin to clarify your values, mission, and vision

What sorts of support appeal to you, in order to garner more energy around your desires? (e.g., meeting regularly with a good friend or mentor over coffee to share your ideas and dreams, discussing some life changes with family or significant other, reducing spending in one direction in order to supply it to a new endeavor, and so on.)

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