Career Pathway #162: Streamline for the New Year

This time of year, many of us are donating clothes, household items, and cars to clear out space and to make room for the new. (And, of course, to leverage our tax positions.) This shedding feels good. It “lightens” the house and garage, it elevates our feeling of generosity and serving the greater good, and it creates more openness in our lives.

So too, we are served by shedding or streamlining the clutter in our minds. Just like the physical stuff that accumulates in our space, mental stuff can accumulate and take up precious resources. Unless we are alert and willing to rid ourselves of those thoughts and patterns that are not currently serving us, they remain as part of our clutter, slowing us down.

If you want to better leverage your resources for next year, consider what mind clutter you are willing to release. Letting go of those unproductive daily thoughts or emotions will lighten your load, clear your mind, and reserve more energy for the important things in your life.

Take some time to rummage around in your “attic” and haul down some boxes of un-wanteds to the curb. Then take a deep breath, dream big, and move on!

Coaching Inquiries: Have you cleaned up your mental chatter lately? Are you willing to take some time to tune in and check out the programming? Do you like what you’re hearing? If not, are you willing to delete the track? What programming would aid you in following your desires?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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