Career Pathway #161: Move Yourself With Spirit

Changing jobs, careers, or lifestyles can be daunting and a lot of work, but if you have a strong spirit, it is likely you will succeed. I’ve witnessed this in myself and in those I coach. So if you are considering embarking on a dream, or at least a change of some sort, enlist your spirit! 

If you are not feeling much energy or spirit around a particular idea or goal, then it is likely not the right direction for you. When we hit upon an idea that is in sync with our personality, values, desires, and life path • POW! • (like Emeril), we can taste it! Our energy leaps, our heart sings, we feel excitement, and our spirit is alive.

Now, maybe the excitement doesn’t live in every moment of our working towards that goal, but there remains a strong underlying sense of purpose and desire to reach what we’ve set out to do. Without this energy feeding our drive, we can easily lose momentum, faith, and the overall will to move forward.

Pay attention to your spirit. Notice it. Read it. Use it as a compass in leading you to the right thing for you. Feed it so that it’s healthy and alive, not withered and closeted. With a healthy spirit pointed in the right direction, you’ll have the potential and energy to go far.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you have goals or directions set for yourself? When you are thinking about them, what happens to your spirit and energy? Do they soar, or are they just so-so? Are the dreams genuinely yours, or just the next step in an established path within your profession? What can you do to enhance your spirit and keep it alive and growing?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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