Career Pathway #159: Have-to-Haves

Life has much to offer. Sometimes, too much. At least, it may feel like too many things and too many pressures to handle.

The good news here is that you have the wisdom and the power to shorten that list, and in so doing, to create a more enjoyable and meaningful life for yourself. It’s just a matter of focus, and your willingness to change your life. You hold the cards.

Some of us don’t seem to want that power. We say things and act in ways to maintain our status quo. But, for those of us willing to own it, we can learn that we truly do have the keys to our kingdom.

One approach to this new way of being is to let go of the unnecessary stuff filling our lives and zapping our energy and other resources. Taking an inventory and getting a higher view of our lives can be an eye-opening activity. It may take several tries to peel the onion, in order to really get to the core of ourselves. Those layers can seem very relevant at first, but as we allow ourselves the power and freedom to consider each one’s value, we can determine their real worth in our lives.

So, I pose the question, “what are your have-to-haves?” Can you identify the very core activities and qualities that will truly add to your fulfillment? Once you’ve determined these, you have a way to measure the importance of a particular activity or possible use of your resources. Without a focus on our have-to-haves, it is too easy to add clutter to our lives with meaningless things and activities, sidetracking us on our path to true happiness.

Coaching Inquiries: What does the higher view of your life expose? Are your activities meaningful to you personally? Do you spend your personal resources in ways that lead to your fulfillment in terms of your values and life mission? Have you streamlined your life to discard things and activities that are not meaningful to you? What steps can you take to relieve yourself of clutter in order to expand your have-to-haves?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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