Career Pathway #157: Getting to the Core

What is at your core? When you get down to the bare bones of who you are, what do you see? What are your very highest values, your most precious gifts, your ultimate mission in this life?

These are some of the most poignant questions you can ever ask yourself. Yet, many of us never fully answer them for ourselves. We leave the earth never having expressed ourselves fully in the possibilities and opportunities that are ours.

I believe that we have our own answers to these questions. If we take the time and give serious thought and consideration to whom we are and what meaning our life can hold, we might reach the pinnacle of true self-actualization.

But first we may need to clear some clutter. We may need to clear our schedules. We may need to free up our minds. We may need to release some negative processing patterns. We may need to find some breathing room. It becomes very hard to feel our soul, when we’ve lost parts of it to socialization, mind-numbing advertising, false values, and quantity over quality.

After awhile, we wear ourselves out with the chase, and we can’t even remember what we were chasing and why it was important. Or, we win the chase only to find that our trappings have no sustainable meaning.

Coaching Inquiries: Consider the path of clarity and the powerful impact it can have on a human life. Are you getting to the core? Doing so can mean the greatest fulfillment you have ever known.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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