Career Pathway #155: A Time to Transition

As summer days in the northern hemisphere wind down, I often feel compelled to think about change in my life. While folks of all ages head to school and warm weather activities come to a close, it’s natural to think about the change of season and what that might mean to each of us.

Are you thinking about a transition in your life? If so, how committed are you in making that shift? Each of us can have many dreams or musings about how things could be different, and how those scenarios might impact our quality of life. But, until something generates enough energy to jump start the change, it remains but a pleasant thought.

What will it take for you to move from the contemplation stage to truly deciding to begin your transition today? Only you can answer that. It may take some peace and quiet in order to get a clear picture or clear guidance. It may take some discussions with supporters, brainstormers, significant others, or experts in your area of interest. Or, it may simply take a willingness to begin your journey toward something you have already determined.

Jumping in doesn’t have to mean taking huge steps that may make you uncomfortable. Many transitions begin with simple new behaviors built into one’s daily life. Or, it can take the form of setting aside time to read, study, write, or research. Whatever your desire, it can be initiated with small yet meaningful actions. 

If you are harboring a compelling idea for growth and change in your life, why not begin today in choosing to act on it?

Coaching Inquiries: What do you seek in your life? What dream do you visit from time to time, but never really allow it true consideration and action? If you were to begin taking small steps to move you toward this desire, what would they be? Are you willing to embrace your future by claiming the vision and taking the steps?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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