Career Pathway #152: Call All Cars

I have to smile when I think of the tremendous amount of support I receive regularly from those around me. If it weren’t for their kind words and loving attention, I could talk myself into some pretty deep ruts and bleak days. But as it turns out, I’ve surrounded myself with whom I need to keep my spirits raised and desires alive.

Developing those types of relationships is one of the most important endeavors of a lifetime. That type of support can mean the difference between success and failure, between fortitude and giving up, between a joyful and an unhappy existence.

Even on those days when I am nearly determined to be miserable about some point or other, one of these special people comes to my rescue. I usually don’t even have to ask, they just want me to be happy, whole, fulfilled.

This gift of support has been so powerful in my life that I sometimes go looking for it. If I am stuck or low about something, I just put out an all points bulletin • “calling all cars, calling all cars.” And before long, the troops have arrived.

If you haven’t created this success net for yourself, please consider the impact it could have on you, your spirit, and your life. There are many wonderful people willing to build deeper and more supportive relationships. And, much of the joy comes from the pleasure of supporting others, as well.

Coaching Inquiries: Who are the supporters in your life? Have you connected with them lately? Would you like to grow your connection with them? How might you do that?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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