Career Pathway #151: What Are You Not Allowing?

In coaching, I have learned that we can be our own greatest obstacle to what we desire. This is generally not something we do intentionally, but it can be a powerful impasse unless we identify it, and make a conscious effort to grow beyond it.

Disallowing can take many forms • unproductive beliefs, lack of confidence, minimal effort, choosing “busy-ness” over an effective plan of action, marginal commitment, never moving from fuzziness to clarity, and so on.

Each of us is likely to be able to identify a general idea of what we want, and a general idea of what may be holding us back. But, until we begin fine-tuning that “want” and understanding our sabotaging methods, we can remain in an unfulfilled state.

To move to a state of “allowing,” take a big picture look from above. What is missing from your life? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be?

As you begin to gain clarity in building your desired picture, it is then easier to also gain clarity of what may be holding you back. Once obstacles are identified, look for ways to remove or resolve them.

One note to consider: By developing a clear and compelling vision for yourself, one that energizes you and builds your desire, you exponentially create the likelihood that you will propel yourself forward. 

Coaching Inquiries: What is your compelling vision? What are the pieces that make up that picture? Can you identify those aspects of your life that can be changed or expanded to move yourself closer to your desire? How might you begin to make that change?

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