Career Pathway #150: What’s Your Sandwich?

Reading the “My Turn” column in a recent edition of Newsweek, I was reminded of the importance of being present in each moment, of relishing our every day human experience. Charles Zanor wrote of his personal experience after a lymphoma diagnosis, and finding a “renewed meaning in his already existing world.” He cited the philosophy of Warren Zevon, after he was diagnosed with lung cancer, “Enjoy every sandwich.”

Sometimes we overlook the everyday parts of our existence as we are focusing on the larger dream, the competition, the super achievement. We miss the flavors and nourishment of the “sandwich” while pursuing the day.

In addition to moving ourselves toward our desired future, we would do well to enjoy the pleasures that abound in everyday life–how much richer our life experience might be.

Coaching Inquiries: How can you enjoy every “sandwich?” Have you been focused on your goals at the expense of the simple pleasures? What parts of your day and life would you like to give more attention? If you were to pick one thing or person to give more attention to this week, what and/or who would that be?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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