Career Pathway #149: Who Supports Your Best Self?

One of the keys to being our “best self” is finding people who draw out our talents and drive, who feed our energy, and who embrace our true nature. When you find this type of relationship, you have found pure gold. Hang onto it, relish it, and let it feed your life.

When we release our best selves in the world, the results are powerful. It can mean the difference between an ordinary life with basic satisfaction and reward to an extraordinary life full of great joy and realized dreams. 

I was recently watching “CBS Sunday Morning” when a story about Sergeant Shriver caught my attention. Though Shriver realized enormous accomplishment through his own undertakings (designing and implementing the Peace Corps among others), his daughter, Maria, noted that his legacy may be “supporting others in being their best selves.”

Fortunately, there are many wonderful “best self supporters” such as Sergeant Shriver, available in the world. As you formulate your vision and begin to accept the possibilities, these folks will cross your path. Be mindful to watch for them, and to realize the powerful and dear resource they may become for you. Reach out and engage them, and you’ll be soaring in no time.

Coaching Inquiries: Who are the “best self supporters” who have come into your life? Have you fully engaged with these people, to accept their gifts, thereby expanding and utilizing yours? Are you ready to leverage this resource in shifting your boundaries, and projecting yourself forward? How can you open yourself to the possibilities, while releasing the fears?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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