Career Pathway #148: Pace Yourself

In today’s client interview, Go There, I was struck by the discovery about the importance of pacing to success and fulfillment in life and work. By definition, pacing is a proactive rather than reactive posture. It assumes you know where you want to go, as well as when and how you want to get there.

This is certainly true when it comes to marathon running. In order to go the distance, one needs to properly pace oneself based upon a variety of factors, including physical ability, course conditions, and mental readiness.

As a pace team leader, I am often dumbstruck by first-time marathoners who ask, “What finish time should I aim for?” As if a stranger should know! Many are not even able to answer basic questions as to their previous training and racing performances. Come race day, they are truly running in the dark • and they may, or may not, have a positive marathon experience.

The same is true when it comes to other areas of life and work. By learning to pace ourselves properly, we can be more successful than just reacting to every pressure, deadline, and stress that comes our way. Here are a few lessons that apply equally well to running and working:

  1. We can’t work all the time, or we will burn out. No matter how much determination we bring to the task, no matter how much energy we have inside, we reduce both our short and long term productivity by working too hard. Appropriate boundaries and limits need to be set.
  2. We can’t rest all the time, or we will rust out. I define stress as stimulation, and we end up with serious health and performance problems when we either have too much (overworking) or too little (over resting). Pacing is about pushing ourselves just hard enough to reach our goals and play up to our potential.
  3. When we work and rest according to a healthy schedule, we develop a rhythm that both organizes life and resonates energy. The human condition continually strives to make order out of chaos. The rhythm of when we work and rest, as well as what we work on and how we work on it, both keeps us sharp and fuels our trust in the eventual accomplishment of our goals.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you suffer from either doing too much or doing too little? How could you establish a healthy rhythm as to when you work and when you rest? Could coaching assist you to strike the perfect balance of stimulation and reflection?

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