Career Pathway #147: Are You Being Guided?

I believe that sometimes the Universe offers us guidance. It generally doesn’t occur without our own notions leading the way, by a wish for something new, for something more rewarding. It can be subtle, and unless we’re listening and watching, it can be easy to miss. Other times, it screams at us.

In my own experience, it showed up in ways of moving me away from an employer that I had been with for over thirteen years. It was time for me to leave and move on, and I needed some help with that message. I was continuing to try to make things work there, and I had simply run my course with that organization. I could feel the pain of the situation, but I wasn’t ready to face the music. My intuition was screaming at me, and finally there was little choice. Stay and perish, or move on and build a new career elsewhere.

When I look back, I can’t help but wonder the amount of anguish I would have saved myself by moving away from that situation sooner. The only thing I gained was time to successfully negotiate a severance arrangement. And although that was instrumental in affording a move to another state, it meant several more months of suffering • physical, mental, and spiritual.

One of the lessons I learned from this experience is to honor self and pay attention to the messages. Care enough about your person to release what you’re holding, in order to move on to more productive and positive roles and situations. We do have choices, and that freedom is ours to go after what we want, and what is healthful and rewarding.

Coaching Inquiries: What guidance are you receiving? What choices are you facing? Are you willing to choose something more healthy and appealing? Is fear or something else holding you back? What can you do to begin moving in more desirable directions?

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