Career Pathway #146: Where Are You Going?

It takes some courage and discipline to really take a look at our lives and ask, “Where am I going?” And, of course the next key question, “Where do I want to go?” Some of us discover the answer to the latter question early in life, but I think for the majority, it is a journey and an ever-evolving process.

If the answers to these questions matter to you right now, then I encourage you to find some time to think about them. There are many resources to support you in your process of discovery and understanding:

  • Career guidance books and books of any topic that grab your attention (always pay attention to here your intuition and inspiration may be leading you).
  • Coffee pals with whom to enjoy your musings and ponderings.
  • A career “partner” or coach who is interested in your future, who poses questions, and who helps you to sort through your thoughts, plans, and actions.

It’s up to you to get yourself started, but you will likely be surprised to discover the information and support that seems to naturally flow into your life if you are sincere in your desires and open to assistance.

Coaching Inquiries: How curious am I about my true desires? What could I add to my life that might increase my fulfillment? Do I like the work I am doing and the path that I seem to be traveling? Am I willing to spend some quality time redefining my work, how I spend my spare time, or any other facet of my lifestyle?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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