Career Pathway #144: Leveraging Energy

I frequently hear or see the term “leveraging resources,” in the business world. In fact, I’ve used the term myself. It follows the thinking that resources are limited, so to maximize them we prioritize our use of them, we look for means to “get the biggest bang for our buck,” and we conserve when that is in our best interest.

Our own personal energy is one of our greatest resources in this life. And, it is up to each of us to be aware of how and when we’re spending it, the results we’re getting back, and our supply of it over time.

Since there are limits to our energy, we might monitor where it is going and determine whether that is productive to our overall desired direction, or to what we want to accomplish that day. There are days that seem to take us on a winding path, spending energy where we hadn’t intended, addressing obstacles we hadn’t foreseen. Although these situations can drain us, there are generally choices about how we react, directly impacting our current energy level.

One way to get a handle on this personal resource is to pay attention to how you are spending it, what generates more of it, and how its usage is contributing to the quality of your life.

Coaching Inquiries: How did you spend your energy this week? Did you find yourself rehashing negative situations, or did you move on to future possibilities? Did you say yes to activities that are uninspiring and tedious for you, or did you move toward things that are rewarding and replenish your energy supply? Were you able to enhance working and personal relationships to create new positive energy, or did you find yourself mired in old negative conversations and attitudes? How can you better leverage your personal energy?

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