Career Pathway #143: Opportunities Abound

Have you ever noticed how things seem to flow better when you release control and preconceived ideas? Sometimes we can hold ideas or plans so tightly that there is little room for paying attention to other roads and methods. Many times it is these secondary or surprise turns that lead us to a better place or result.

As Westerners, we’re conditioned to “make things happen” instead of letting things open up. Although drive and determination can be important factors on our paths, so too is staying connected to our intuition, guidance, and the twists and turns that show up. Without attention to the present moment and the myriad of opportunities that come our way, we can become rigid, stagnant, and limited.

Coaching Inquiries: What are you doing to keep your mind open to other possibilities and directions? Do you believe that your idea or plan is the absolute best approach, or are you interested in exploring other opportunities? How can you enhance your curiosity for the intuitive messages and fortuitous meetings that surely occur regularly in our lives?

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