Career Pathway #142: Retaining Personal Power

Last week I wrote about realizing personal power through choice. We can also express our power, strength, and essence through knowing ourselves and following our inner wisdom.

Many times coaching clients look to their coach for advice, but the role of the coach is to listen, ask questions, and discern the client’s wisdom. Each of us is our own best source of information and knowledge as to what is right for us personally. Although we may not have experience in a particular situation, common sense and intuition can take us far in determining an appropriate and effective course of action. 

Sometimes we may want to seek some ideas for a course of action or process ideas with a supportive and attentive resource. Such conversations can broaden our perspective and give us new food for thought. As we process this information, listening to our own voice and higher wisdom is especially important. Pay special attention to how the body reacts and what the intuition senses.

Coaching Inquiries: Have you developed your mind to eavesdrop on intuition? Do you pay attention to your body reactions when processing possibilities? Are you likely to value your own thinking and knowing when making decisions, or do you value others’ input over your own senses?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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