Career Pathway #140: Expand Your Borders

When we think of borders we generally get a picture of physical territory, but in this Pathway I’d like you to consider mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual borders. These are the borders that make up our daily lives. And these are the territories that we have to explore and expand when making real changes in our lives.

Generally when we cross a border we are expanding into unknown, or at least less familiar, territory. We may feel less safe, less comfortable. Yet, the experience can be exhilarating, eye opening, and mind expanding.

Similar reactions may occur when we think about moving into some unfamiliar realm, whether it is a new profession, new city, new spiritual thought, or new intimate relationship. But as with travel, the expansion one gains from the experience can make the effort and discomfort well worth the journey.

As you set out to explore new territory, hold your dreams and values close. They can effectively act as your compass in setting your course. Discard your tired mental chatter of obstacles, fears, and limitations. It takes some courage to brave new worlds but the trek can be highly rewarding and life changing in many positive ways.

Coaching Inquiries: Is something holding you back from your exploration? Are you ready to release it and get on with your journey? Is there a particular border that you want to focus on expanding? What change would truly raise the quality of your life?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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