Career Pathway #139: Find Peace in Grounding

Do you find yourself feeling “disconnected” sometimes? Hurrying from place to place, or task to task, and being caught up in the “busy-ness” rather than the purpose? I believe that most of us are in this boat at least part of the time.

Besides losing the benefits we each receive from living in the present moment, we can also stress our bodies and our minds with this mode of living. And, it certainly is a choice when it comes to how we approach our daily work and activities.

“Grounding” is a simple, yet powerful technique to calm and slow your body and mind. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting less done, but it does mean cutting down on the frenzy, or at least the disconnectedness of “what’s next, what’s next, what’s next?”

Many techniques can be used to practice grounding, and it is best to pick a method that appeals to you personally. Take meditation. It is not for everyone, but most of us can find a process and a time of day that matches well to our schedule, lifestyle, and personality. For some it may come in the form of walking or running. Others may like to settle into a sitting meditation in the morning to prepare for the day. The evening may work for those with children, after dinner, homework, and bedtimes for the kids. Those who like to work with their hands, may ground themselves by knitting, gardening, or making pottery.

Some express that they find meditating difficult • their minds wander from thing to thing, and the practice isn’t restful. If you are one of these folks, then try it a few minutes at a time. Don’t start with a 30 minute goal, which could easily be torturous. The idea is to train your body and mind over time, to come to appreciate the exercise of “calming” and “focusing.” One good way to prepare for your grounding time is to write down on paper all the stuff roaming around in your head. By performing this mental “dump” you free yourself to go into the meditation with an open and clean backdrop.

I think you’ll truly appreciate the peace that grounding can bring into your life, if only for fifteen minutes a day. It is truly refreshing and empowering to come from a mental and physical place of calm and connectedness.

Coaching Inquiries: Are you ready to give yourself some additional peace of mind, and experience a calmer chemistry throughout your body? What activities do you currently perform that would accommodate some metal clearing? What times of the day could you most benefit from some calm? Are there activities (mental or physical) that are unnecessary in your life, providing no real benefit, but zapping time and energy?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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