Career Pathway #138: Give Attention to Intention

Have you ever noticed how you make things happen in your life? It’s really a very simple process, when broken down into the basics. I see it as determining your direction/desire, and then giving the direction focus and energy. Or, in other words, tending your intention • giving it attention. That is the basic process of creation, in it’s simplest form.

Sometimes the creating process may require inspired action. That is, listening to your heart and doing things that feel right, that produce positive energy, and that you truly feel inspired to do. And, much of the process is simply taking time to focus on your direction, to give attention to your intention, to breathe life and belief into your desire.

Take a look at what is going on in your life. Have you determined your direction, what you truly desire in your life, the details of what you want to create? Once that is accomplished, it just takes some determination and discipline to let go of all the extra, and to concentrate your attention. Even if you only start with several minutes of focus each day, that is enough. That is enough to fan the flames, to begin the process, to practice the focus, and to begin to see the power in it.

From that point you learn that all is possible. That it is not only possible, but probable. That it is absolutely within your grasp, with some effort. And the more that you align your thinking with your desire, the greater the probability that you will bring your intention to life.

Coaching Inquiries: How specifically can you name your desire/direction? Do you spend time each day, pondering the possibilities and working on the clarity of your intention? Are you able to hold energy around these thoughts, raising your enthusiasm and confidence? Do you follow your inspiration to where it is leading you, paying attention to your heart and intuition?

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