Career Pathway #137: Personal Manifesto

During a recent coaching session, a client shared with me his personal process for gaining some vocational clarity. He called the resulting document his “personal manifesto” and explained the focus it had given him in directing his career search. I’d like to share his work with you here, so that you might think about tackling your own method of reaching clarity on direction. 

After completing some thoughtful and extensive journaling about his passions, talents, and desired experience, Tom (name changed) began to understand why he was not enjoying his work any longer. It also led him to understand that he “needed to find a different situation that would use more than 25% of what he had to offer an organization.”

He decided that although he “still enjoyed the training role, his career experience now needed to be wrapped in a much bigger envelope, one that included functions and activities that were way beyond the scope of training alone.” This clarity brought Tom a sense of both peace and purpose and he states “I knew what I had to do to attain personal and professional satisfaction.” Since then he has turned down two job offers because, on closer examination, he decided that he would not realize any greater professional satisfaction than what he had currently. “Change is costly in terms of the personal energy required to manage it, and I wasn’t going to make a change that didn’t, on balance, prove worth it.”

Here is an excerpt from his Manifesto:

“I commit to helping the organization’s people maximize their own performance by:

  • Creating opportunities to more fully align themselves with strategic goals
  • Providing analysis of their strengths and areas of improvement
  • Producing developmental activities that address their needs for growth
  • Providing the personal support that nurtures leaders and change agents”

Coaching Inquiries: If your career direction is fuzzy and needing some clarity, are you willing to spend some time thinking and journaling? Could you benefit from creating a clear and directed “manifesto?” Are you ready to peel the “layers from the onion” to see what may be deep inside, waiting for exploration?

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