Career Pathway #135: Coaching Oneself

Much of the magic in a coaching relationship generates from the safe and welcoming space created for each client. One of my roles as a coach is to open awareness of each person’s self talk. It’s not enough that I present a conversation free of judgment and criticism. Until the client also creates that “safe” space for him/herself, it can be very difficult to move forward.

The first step in creating a productive atmosphere for ourselves, is to be aware of our personal thinking. By tuning into that running monologue, we gather clues of what might be derailing us, or at least complicating and slowing our progress. We cannot be at our best or most confident if we are beating ourselves up for what we did “wrong”, what we “should” have done, what skills we “don’t” have, or what is “lacking” in our lives.

Once we have tuned into the tape we’re running in our heads, we then have a decision point. Am I going to allow myself to continue to run this abusive and unproductive tape? It does take some determination and focus to monitor and change our thinking. It won’t happen overnight. But for those willing to tune in, the tapes can be changed over time. And when this happens, we expand our possibilities and confidence. We give ourselves the gift of unconditional support. We become a powerful self coach. 

Coaching Inquiries: Have you tuned into your monologue? What is running? Can you find ways to change any negatives into language that supports you and builds confidence? What does your spirit want to hear?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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