Career Pathway #134: Look for Energy

In my coaching practice, I have been able to work with many career changers and vocation seekers. Sometimes, one of the most difficult aspects of this transitioning for the client is getting clear on their direction. They know they want to make changes, but they have not yet determined their future vision.

During one session I found a client who was not clear on his career direction but was very clear on some other transitions he wanted to make. It was evident that he had great energy flowing around these other changes and was almost “relieved” to be able to shift from the pursuit of his next career to the excitement of his music and personal life.

When you experience your own energy building around something you want to create in your life, pay attention. Life is not all about next career moves and climbing organizational ladders. There can be great joy in vocation and career, but it may take some time for all of that to unfold. In the meantime, there is much joy and life to be lived in other areas of one’s life. And, by letting yourself focus on some of the other parts, it seems that life in general can be improved.

By raising energy in one’s being through activities that bring fun, creativity, and play into your days, you actually enhance your ability to uncover what it is you truly want in all aspects of your life. You become more of the true person you were meant to be, and through that path, all kinds of clarity may arise for you.

Coaching Inquiries: Where is your energy today, this week, this month? Is there a particular aspect of your life that is calling for attention? What kinds of activities have you been neglecting? Are you willing to commit some time to follow where your energy is leading you?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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