Career Pathway #133: Claim Your Direction

Whether you are looking for a different job, or attempting to enhance your current one, naming and claiming the direction you wish to go is crucial to success. By identifying and communicating your desires to the recruiter or your current manager, you significantly increase your chances of getting what you want.

Recruiters first try to identify what type of job you are seeking, and the key strengths and experience you possess which relate to that type of work. Similarly, managers who are interested in developing their staff and in retaining talent are tuned in to understanding the growth goals of their direct reports, and the directions in which they are interested in moving.

Even if your manager doesn’t appear to be open to your personal development goals and desired direction, there are likely others in the organization who are. Human Resource departments are tasked with filling positions quickly and retaining talent within the company. Either the recruiting or employee relations professionals in HR may be very interested in hearing about your interests and sharing information and inside contacts with you. They want to keep good employees happy and contributing to overall organizational goals.

I have also seen effective networking accomplished on a direct contact basis. If you know other departments you are interested in exploring or pursuing, making direct contact into those areas may produce helpful information on upcoming staff additions or at least the requirements for job candidacy. By learning more about another job or department, you can consider their requirements, and begin to fill what experience or education gaps you identify.

Coaching Inquiries: What direction do you want to explore or pursue? Have you talked with your manager about potential opportunities in that direction? If your manager is unapproachable, are there others in the organization with whom you can discuss your ambitions? Will you need to go outside of your current employment to move toward your desired work?

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