Career Pathway #132: Network to Success

If you are engaged in a job search, hear this: most jobs are landed through contacts or experience with that particular organization. So if your search strategy does not include a large amount of time spent networking and following up on the leads you obtain in that process, you may want to rethink it. I have two personal examples to share, which bring this home. 

1. While searching on, I noticed a job in my professional field with a local company. I knew that a good friend of mine had high-level contacts within that organization, so in addition to applying on line through Monster I also contacted my friend who offered to make a call for me.

Due to my friend’s contact, within one day I was set up to interview with the VP at the organization who was hiring for the position. He set me up with a second interview and I was well on my way to being considered a serious candidate. Ironically, in the meantime, I received a turndown letter from the recruiter stating “we are moving forward with someone who more closely meets our needs.” Apparently the recruiter was not aware of my interview with the VP. Had there been no inside contact, there would obviously have been no interview, as I would have been screened out from the start.

2. On another occasion, while I was job searching, I had the opportunity to work in a temporary position. Although the work was graded at a lower level than my past work history, it was a chance to earn some money, to explore another industry, and to make some contacts. The work expanded into an assignment in another department of the organization that allowed me additional income and a chance to meet even more people. 

Two months after my assignment ended, I learned that the organization was posting a higher-level position in one of the departments where I had worked. I applied for it and, after it was determined that I met the qualifications, I was asked to interview for the job. Fortunately, the hiring manager had knowledge of my work ethic, communication skills, and abilities. She could also speak with other managers in that organization who had experience with me. I was offered the position.

Coaching Inquiries: Have you developed a list of people whom you can contact in regard to your job search? Have you worked that list to communicate the types of jobs in which you am interested, and to circulate your resume or professional background statement? Are you organized in sending thank you notes to those with whom you’ve spoken, and to respond to any leads they provide? Have you considered volunteer or temporary positions to further expand your experience, knowledge, and network?

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