Career Pathway #130: Being True To Self

How often are you true to yourself in your choices? In this world of lost jobs, greater competition for work, frenzied levels of change, and pressure to perform and succeed, we can easily lose sight of what is truly important to the person we each are. It is easy to give in to the status quo, the opportunity that presents, or the requests from all of those around us.

It may be dangerous to careers to put up much of a fuss when things don’t feel “right” to us. But it can also be dangerous to our person to remain quiet, complacent, and conflicted. At what risk to our emotional self and soul do we go along with someone else’s direction and ambition?

I am not a proponent of taking up every cause we can relate to, or bucking every group decision that does not fit with our personal preferences or thinking. However, I do see great benefit in being true to those thoughts and directions that speak to our core beliefs, and will impact our integrity and self-respect. Weighing those choice points carefully, while keeping in mind the person you want to be in this world, may provide greater happiness in the long run.

Coaching Inquiries: Are there choices that you’ve made recently that are not in sync with your values and comfort level? Are you facing any tough decisions that put your beliefs in conflict? How can you carefully weigh the possibilities and potential results? By reviewing each scenario, can you determine from an emotional and intuitive (gut level) perspective which choice feels right?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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