Career Pathway #129: Getting Out of The Way

We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to moving forward, especially into the unfamiliar, the unknown. Many times self-talk is the key culprit in undermining advancement. We each seem to devise elaborate rationales to keep ourselves moving along our current ruts, in lackluster and energy zapping jobs and environments.

It takes great courage, fortitude, attention, and effort to embrace change in our lives. To change, each of us must reach that point of abandonment, where we leap from our current existence into the belief and determination that we can and will create a new life for ourselves.

To prepare for that leap, one must be willing to identify unproductive and limiting self-talk. This will be harder for some than for others. But, in every case, it requires that we acknowledge what our personal voices are saying, identifying what part of that dialogue is not going to be useful and strategic in moving forward.

After acknowledgment comes the decision to change this language and to get out of our own way, OR to give in to it, and allow our minds to continue to process those same negative wavelengths. If we kid ourselves into thinking we can have it both ways, our journeys will be much longer and harder than need be, less joyful and perhaps mired in disappointment.

Be honest with yourself in evaluating your current self-talk and the ways in which you are holding yourself back from embracing life-giving change. Are you willing and ready to get out of your own way, and find new words to support and influence your path? If so, I wish you happy sailing and great success. With constant attention to your self-talk, you will be able stay the course.

Coaching Inquiries: How are you building support and positive influence around your dreams? What are you telling yourself about those dreams that feels negative, or reduces your energy? Are these thoughts a way of sabotaging your desired change, because of fear? Are they skeptical points of view from yourself or others? Or, are they unfounded concerns which allow you to stay in your current spot, without having to face the discomfort of change and the unknown? What can you do to address these fears, skepticism, and/or stall tactics?

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