Career Pathway #127: Create a Support Circle

I was recently invited to read a book published by one of our readers entitled “Mondays Stink! • 23 Secrets to Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment In Your Work.” The author, Carl Dierschow, shares what he has learned from his work experience in large organizations, to help the reader take control of their personal work satisfaction. Carl focuses on three themes: create your support group, take care of your needs, and deliver value to the organization.

The first of those themes, creating a working group of people who like and support you, can assist you to make your job less stressful and more enjoyable. And who couldn’t use less stress and more joy?

Carl points out that “liking and respecting people is a conscious choice • it is all about the attitude you choose to take about the people around you.” He encourages us to resolve differences in a respectful way, understanding that problems with adults “generally arise from different goals and misunderstanding one another’s situations.” Carl suggests these issues are due to unclear communication around common goals.

The book offers this wisdom in addressing coworkers: “seek to understand your colleagues, avoid the trap of denigrating people to others, and be openly supportive.” When this advice is followed over time, you can expect to build “bridges of trust” through the understanding and appreciation of others’ points of view. As coworkers notice your appreciative approach to their thoughts and ideas, they will likely offer their ear to you and be open to your point of view.

Carl also coaches us to expand our circles of support and to keep in contact with those we have established relationships. When we give generously of our time and reach out to help others, it is most often given back to us in ways bigger than we imagine.

Coaching Inquiries: How can you expand your circle of influence? Are there relationships in your workplace that you would like to improve and enrich? What would be your first step to opening up that communication? Is there someone you would like to get to know professionally? Are you willing to take that initiative?

If you would like to purchase Carl’s book, you can visit his Web site or Email Carl. For a free PDF sample of the material, Click Here.

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