Career Pathway #125: Living a Bigger Life

Most of us seek something more in our professional life. This something may be missing altogether, or may be a piece that we long to expand. Either way, without it we know that we are living a smaller life, receiving less enjoyment than what we want.

The reason we haven’t shifted to the bigger life may very likely be our “self talk.” This comes in many forms such as “I’m too busy to think about it or work on it right now,” “My boss (family) won’t support that change,” or “I don’t know how to make the change and it may unrealistic.”

We have many ways of talking ourselves out of healthy change, sometimes without even being aware. It is when we get clear about what we want, energized about possibilities, and focused on the change, that we begin to make our shift. Without spending time and energy toward our dreams, they generally flounder or remain a dream.

If you desire a bigger and fuller life, take some time to get “real” with yourself, discerning what shifts you truly are committed to making. Check out your self-talk to see if it is supportive or not, and commit to rewording it if it is not. Gather your energy around the change, and seek out friends and colleagues who will enthusiastically support your dream. Then carve out time to begin moving yourself forward. What you believe, you can achieve.

Coaching Inquiries: What can you add, subtract, or grow in your life that would raise your level of living and fulfillment? What changes and shifts seem to be calling to the whole of you? Are you able (and willing) to turn down the volume on your intellectual side in order to hear the message from your heart, physical being, and spirit? To what growth are you willing to commit?

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