Career Pathway #125: Get The Word Out

I learned recently that only 20% of all jobs are advertised in the paper and on Internet job sites. In addition, many of the hiring managers for those 20% already have a good idea of whom they want to hire, before the ad is placed. They are only placing the ad to meet company requirements. This isn’t much of a case for spending most of your job search time responding to the newspaper and job sites, although you may still want to visit those job sites associated with your profession.

About two-thirds of all jobs are filled through networking. Given that piece of information, you can see the value of planning a personal marketing campaign to “get the word out.” Telling friends and associates that you are looking for a job, explaining to them the type of job you want, enables them to support you as they become aware of opportunities. Identifying specific types of jobs, companies, and industries can also assist you to use your time most productively. Always work with a list of at least ten employers that you are targeting. As one drops off, find another to add to the list. It’s smart to share this list with your contacts to see if anyone knows someone in that company whom you may contact.

Consider what you personally have to offer that makes you unique and valuable to a specific company. Build these attributes and personal achievements into your resumes, cover letters, and networking calls. Get used to this “sales” language so that you are comfortable in your delivery. Be able to demonstrate what you have to offer and how it can benefit the hiring manager and organization. You’ll be glad you prepared your “sales presentation” when you are faced with networking calls, visits, and interviews.

Coaching Inquiries: What specific achievements are important for you to express in your resumes and sales calls? What jobs, companies, and industries do you want to target? Who can you contact in your family, neighborhood, faith community, and other circles to notify of your job search? Who do they know in the companies that you’ve identified to research? What amount of time are you willing to devote to networking and “sales” vs. reading the job and website ads?

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