Career Pathway #124: Finding Your Answers

Whenever I want to connect with my highest self and energy, I travel to the mountain “peace pond” in my mind. I become very quiet, taking in the beauty, smelling the pine trees, hearing the rush of the water over the rocks, and breathing in the exhilaration of the experience. Ever since I was a child, I had a deep connection with the mountains. And it is there that I know I can hear my higher wisdom.

I realized all of this during my coach training, when I worked with a talented peer coach, Kate Harper, to find some answers during a meditative session. After some deep breathing and visualizing, I was back in the mountains; feeling connected to nature, the universe, and my deeper self. It was then that I posed questions, hoping to receive guidance and assurance as to what was next for me. The answers came in powerful ways. There was no mistaking them.

I have since used that meditation whenever I want to tune in to that divine guidance and personal wisdom. I trek up to the peace pond in my mind, to open myself to that connection.

If you want to escape the organizational conventions and societal drives that may now be steering your thoughts and career, to tune into your own higher wisdom, I encourage you to discover your own “sacred ” spot. You can try out a few places in your mind, to see which is producing the highest resonation with you. If you pick a garden, smell the distinct fragrances, notice the varied colors and textures, hear the birds calling to each other. If you pick the ocean, feel the breeze in your hair and face, hear the rolling of the waves, and see the sunlight dancing on the water. If you pick sunset on the plains, let the expansive view surround you, delight in the changing vibrancy of the colors, study the shapes of the clouds.

Take yourself to that energizing place, whenever you desire. Besides finding your answers and assurance there, I think you will find great expanse in which to create, and peaceful relaxation to soothe your soul.

Coaching Inquiries: What questions do you desire answered? Are you ready to hear those answers and to move in those directions? Do you need some space in which to breathe, relax, and create? Are you curious about experiencing your higher wisdom and the guidance available to you through meditation?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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